13. The team in charge of the museum.






Lt-Colonel BEM retd.      Schepkens Richard.




Major Warrant officer retd.      PAUWELS Hubert.

Chief Editor of our publication "The Commando Dagger"

Secretary & Translation Fr -> Nl .



Chief warrant officer retd.        GOEDERT Jean-Marie.



1 Lieutnant (R)        STRUYKEN Guy.





Chief Warrant officer retd.         LEYSEN Joseph.

Translations Fr -> Nl.





Chief Warrant officer retd.        BRAECKMAN Oscar.

Administrator & active crew member




Léopold Gilles. 

Administrator & active crew member.




Adjudant Chef retd.        Freddy BOUQUELLOEN

Archivist, Digitalisation & Multimedia




Raymond Peeters

Webmaster & IT.




Jean-Philippe Préaux.

Major Warrant officer retd Logistics





Our thanks to our jolly good fellows



Commandant retd.          DEUDON Guy.

Our first CEO is retired since 1st April 2014.



1 Sergeant (R)             LAYKOFF Alexy 2020-01-13.


Administrator & active crew member.



Commandant (R)        ROLLIN Yves. 

Vice-President. is retired since 31st December 2019.



Chief warrant officer retd.       DIMANCHE Marcel.

Archivist & developper of our Website



Major Warrant officer retd.         ADAM Jacques.

Administrator & active crew member




Commandant (R).       RINGLET Jacques 2016-11-13.


He was in charge of our publication "The Commando Dagger" and also a skilled archivist.



Chief warrant officer retd.       SCAILQUIN Philippe. 2006-03-06 .

A founder of the museum as of 1978. He died in 2006. The exhibit room 6 is dedicated to Philippe.




c. Remarks :    retd. = Retired,

                               (R)  = Reserve.



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