11. Evolution of the Commando dresses.

1. The creation and the wartime.


Battle dress in wartime                        Battle dress as from June 1944



BD 1 (Canadian)                                                               NBC dress

2. After 1950.

1. Work dress            2. Walking-out dress       3. Guard dress      4. Battle dress (FBO)      5. Walking dress (FSMO)



                Parade dress (BD 1)                                                    Details of the dress               


3. Colonial quarters dress.


                    Colonial quarters dress                                                  Details of the dress


Brush dress                                                    Work dress


4. After 1960.

                            Battle dress                                                           Details of the dress



                            Walking-out dress (BD 2)                                                           NBC dress

                                                                                                              ( Nuclear power-Biological-Chimical)





                Summer walking-out dress                                                Details of the dress


Female dress


5. UN dresses.


Work dress                                                                 Battle dress


6. Last dresses.


                                                    New battle dress                                                         New battle harness



Town dress                                                                            Details of the jacket



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