13. The team in charge of the museum.






Lt-Colonel BEM retd.      Schepkens Richard.




Major Warrant officer retd.      PAUWELS Hubert.

Chief Editor of our publication "The Commando Dagger"

Secretary & Translation Fr -> Nl .



Chief warrant officer retd.        GOEDERT Jean-Marie.



1 Lieutnant (R)        STRUYKEN Guy.




1 Sergeant (R)             LAYKOFF Alexis.

Administrator & active crew member.



Chief Warrant officer retd.         LEYSEN Joseph.

Translations Fr -> Nl.




Commandant (R)        ROLLIN Yves. 





Chief Warrant officer retd.        BRAECKMAN Oscar.

Administrator & active crew member




Léopold Gilles. 

Administrator & active crew member.




Adjudant Chef retd.        Freddy BOUQUELLOEN

Archivist, Digitalisation & Multimedia




Raymond Peeters

Webmaster & IT.




Jean-Philippe Préaux.

Major Warrant officer retd Logistics





Our thanks to our jolly good fellows



Commandant retd.          DEUDON Guy.

Our first CEO is retired since 1st April 2014.



Chief warrant officer retd.       DIMANCHE Marcel.

Archivist & developper of our Website



Major Warrant officer retd.         ADAM Jacques.

Administrator & active crew member




Commandant (R).       RINGLET Jacques.

He was in charge of our publication "The Commando Dagger" and also a skilled archivist.



Chief warrant officer retd.       SCAILQUIN Philippe. 2006-03-06 .

A founder of the museum as of 1978. He died in 2006. The exhibit room 6 is dedicated to Philippe.




c. Remarks :    retd. = Retired,

                               (R)  = Reserve.



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